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You shouldn’t have limitations that only make it possible to change a few colors, the font, and a custom banner on your store. We give you full control down to the pixel level, and even let you add your custom domain name. Keep it simple or dive in deep. Regardless of your approach, WEO can be fully branded to match your unique identity and aesthetic.

You’ll always have full access to all of your customer data. We even provide simple ways to export it. After all, how can you market yourself as an artist or brand if you don’t know who your customers are? Beyond simply having access to your customer info, we give you a suite of tools to interact with them. 

Whether you’re a painter, photographer, illustrator or designer… Our selection of fine art and photography substrates has something perfect for you. We’ve decided to start off with paper goods, but keep an eye on things… We’ve got an even wider range of products locked and loaded, and coming soon.

Our platform by itself is one beautiful and impressive piece of software… but once you consider all of the integrations we offer, you’ll see the real power. In just a few clicks you can activate google analytics, heat mapping analytics, customer live chat, email marketing, coupon codes, customer retargeting, and much much more… once you have created your account, check out the plugins section for more information.

Its one thing to know how many visitors your page received… but its much nicer to be able to filter your date ranges, check out heat maps and heat activated scroll maps, and to see in depth visitor data… right down to knowing where your visitors are clicking, and what route they are taking through your site. Its not just a nice idea, you can do this with WEO. Be sure to check out the plugins section for more info. 

This one is quite simple. Keep your money. We don’t take any % out of your sales.

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