We’re about to launch a public beta. Yes, finally.

In developing WEO, our goal from the start has been to provide visual artists, photographers, and creators with a platform that can serve as both a website and a print on demand store.

There are a ton of websites providing bits & pieces of the services that artists inevitably need, and there are a lot of places where you can create and sell products. There are far too many to list here.

Many of these services are unique in their own way, and many of them are very good – at certain things, however, we see most of these services falling short ( some more than others ) in three main places:


This is, by far, the most common mistake we have identified. Most services provide a marketplace of some sort, and look – we get it – they are running a business and have an established approach to marketing the things they are selling. The artists drive traffic to the service provider – hoping to be featured at some point – while existing amongst thousands of other artists and tens of thousands of other products.

For us, it seemed obvious all along: Artists need full access to their customers and collectors. How can you possibly market yourself properly and build a loyal customer base if you don’t have access to your customers…?

With WEO, we’ve gone well beyond simply providing full access to your data. We give you marketing tools as well.


This one can be a toss-up. Some of the best print on demand services are great in this department, while others are dreadfully bad. We’re not interested in calling out any of them individually, or putting anyone on blast, but at the end of the day, a service built for artists should be beautiful and absolutely usable. Ideally, it should be way beyond usable; it should be elegant.

Once you receive your signup link and get logged in, you’ll quickly see that – with WEO – we have created something special.


This one is tricky. After all, it’s the internet. You’re not in your studio creating the products that these on demand services are providing, so without ordering one of everything its hard to know what to expect.

We’ve ordered a ton of products as part of the research that has gone in to creating WEO. We can tell you first hand that the quality varies a lot. Quite a lot. We believe that a print on demand service for artists should have absolutely top quality products being offered.

Our fine art printing studio ( link ) is one of the best in Los Angeles. We are obsessed with product quality. A quick look at our reviews across the web will quickly show you the level of detail and care that we keep as a standard.

As we move in to our public beta, we absolutely welcome your feedback, criticism and suggestions. In order to build the best possible service for artists, we will need to know – and continue to learn – what you, as artists, need and want.

Right now, we are very confident about being off to a great start. Have something to say? Leave us a comment below.

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